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Matthew Grossman

Staff Software Engineer | | linkedin | github


Infra Tech Lead, Developer Experience @ Lyft (2020 - Current)

Developer Experience is a platform team focused on creating infrastucture and tooling to safely accelerate developer productivity.

Led team of 5 eng through many successful launches by creating a multi-year roadmap, directly mentoring ICs (junior through senior), and negotiating ownership with cross-team stakeholders (networking/deploys/observability/security). Represented team in director reviews and 15+ presentations as I evangelized our products across the company.

Project: E2E Testing Environment Revamp

  • Led a multi-year effort to deprecate our existing E2E testing solution in favor of a more cost-efficient and productive developer environment. Rather than giving each dev their own expensive EC2, we leveraged our shared staging environment and dynamic routing to enable request-level isolation.
  • Worked wherever I was needed, including python/go/typescript libraries, service mesh, github hooks, local tools, pair-programming, project updates, and much more.
  • Read more about our work in my blog post, or watch my presentation from EnvoyCon 2022 (recording, abstract, slides).
  • Impact: Reduced infra spend by $170k/mo and lowered maintenance costs for all of infra.

Project: Distributed Tracing

  • Led relaunch and migration of our distributed tracing system (OpenTracing -> OpenTelemetry).
  • Researched and met external vendors to evaluate cost/functionality tradeoffs, and worked with procurement to finalize commitments.
  • Wrote python/go libraries, configured collector agents, surveyed engineers, and managed project status.
  • Impact: Provided developers an invaluable debugging tool while giving the business contractual flexibility with tracing providers.

Product Tech Lead, Express Drive @ Lyft (2016 - 2020)

Express Drive is a product enabling drivers to rent vehicles through Lyft, creating a valuable supply lever for the business.

Architected and led many customer-facing projects, working with data science, design, product, and operations to launch features.

Project: Volume-Based Pricing

  • To ensure insurance costs were attributed to high-mileage drivers, we created rentals plans that charged per-mile. I was the primary technical lead for integration efforts, ensuring multiple work streams (mobile, backend, frontend; 10+ eng) all were unblocked and convened for an on-time launch.
  • Led the creation of a high RPS service that subscribed to our fleet's telemetry events, and segmented miles driven in-app versus off-app. Architected this service from scratch, laying the groundwork for local development, databases, design patterns, and testing.
  • Impact: Financial reduction of $40/vehicle/wk (~5000 weekly vehicles at the time).

Project: Oncall Toil Reduction

  • Worked with eng management to reduce burnout and improve velocity by tackling our out-of-control oncall rotation. Implemented Pagerduty alert tagging policy to ensure properly attributed pages.
  • Identified and tactically solved select high-leverage issues (ex. flakey endpoints, underprovisioning).
  • Impact: Reduced number of oncall alerts from ~50/wk → ~5/wk.

Languages and Technologies

  • python, go
  • docker, kubernetes, envoy, opentelemetry
  • dynamodb, redis, protobuf

Side projects

Internships (2012 - 2016)

  • Promoted Listings @ Etsy
  • Unified Notifications @ Google
  • iOS @ Facebook


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (2012 - 2016)

  • 3.93 GPA – BSE in Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2016
  • Dean’s List; 2012 - 2016